"Funky Monkey" was a song composed by Little Suzy, Johnny Bravo's next door neighbor in the episode, Johnny B. Badd. The reason she wrote this song was for the sake of her music class, however it soon turned out to be a popular hit amongst the whole neighborhood. After playing the simplistic song for Bunny Bravo and Johnny, she got her electric guitar and started playing with Susie, and to add to Johnny's misery, Carl Chryniszzswics even joined the melody using trash cans as drums. Johnny booed the song initally, however, until Pops came to make them famous for the melody. When Johnny sings this, he makes it sound horrible.


I went to a pet shop the other day,

To see the newest animals on display,

I was checking out the bunnies when what did I see?

A funky lookin' monkey lookin' down at me!

Funky monkey, hoo hoo hoo

Funky monkey, hoo hoo hoo

Give him a banana and he'll boogie like a spinnin' top!