Jane Bonded
Jane Bonded
Jane Bonded





Hair Color




First appearance

Bravo, James Bravo

Voice by

Moria Quirk

"No problem, W. I can handle this one."
— Jane Bonded, before kissing Johnny

Jane Bonded is a beautiful, British, redheaded secret female agent Johnny Bravo was attracted to in Bravo, James Bravo. She works at the the Really Secret Agent Agency, run by her boss, W. Jane didn't like Johnny at first, but started warming up to him at the end of the episode. She was a parody and a reference the secret agent, James Bond.

Johnny met Jane at Aron City University, where she was trying to stop the evil Dr. Pencilneck from steal plutonium. But Johnny interfered, allowing Pencilneck to escape and forcing the two of them to be saved by W.

W allowed Johnny to work with Jane to stop Pencilneck from firing his weapon, the look-alike-alator (which is hard to pronounce). The two parachuted down to Pencilneck's lair, Pencilneck's Place, when Johnny alerted the guards down below to move out of the way, getting them both captured. While be confined Johnny and Jane listened to Dr. Pencilneck explaining his plan to use his machine to make everyone in the world look like him. Then Johnny asked Pencilneck to let him look at himself one more time before the weapon is fired, which Pencilneck allowed. Johnny was set free, and tricked Pencilneck and his guards with his Laser Compact and Hair Comb Bomb. He freed Jane and help capture Pencilneck.

When returning to headquarters with Dr. Pencilneck in custody, Johnny promised W to keep what he knows a secret, if he can have a kiss from Jane as a reward. After putting on lipstick, Jane start kissing Johnny. Only afterwards, she realized she accidentally used the red lipstick set for malaria, and fainted on Johnny.



  • Jane Bonded was the first red-headed female spy to ever kiss Johnny, the second being Heather Asplund.
  • Jane Bonded was probably the first woman to kiss Johnny ever.
  • Jane share some similarities with Johnny; both having accents, glasses to conceal their eyes, and having the same initials.

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