An episode of johnny bravo


Suzy creates a song called funky monkey. Pops makes them a hit, but Johnny's horrible singing messes things up for the band.


Suzy tells Mrs. Bravo about how she got an A+ in music class because of a song she wrote with Suzy's keyboard, Bunny's guitar, and Carl's drums they made a perfect band which Pop's decides to use them. He told Johnny they were recording in another town which prompts johnny to come back. Johnny's horrible singing is to much for them. So Pops secretly cuts Johnny's Microphone wire to keep things safe. They go on tour but even though it's Susy's song Johnny still wants to take leader and wants them to do a hit song created by Johnny which talks about Johnny being pretty cool which everyone dislikes. At the public access Johnny complains about a stain on his microphone but Pops makes a big mistake putting "Spit" on Johnny's mic so instead, Johnny uses Carl's mic instead but Johnny messes up the lyrics and gets kicked out. The band probably broke up due to Johnny's horrible singing.

Johnny B. Badd


Johnny, Suzy, Pops, Bunny, Carl

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