Johnny Bravo: The Movie  - the upcoming comedian adventure film released in August 11, 2021 by studios 20th Century Fox and Jerry Bruckheimer Films (formerly Warner Bros. Studios).


Johnny Bravo is an avid hero, it protects his hair and skin, it delegates to all and at home can rely on their lessons and travel, but the enemy of beauty - Break, had planned to steal treasure and find the old fool to take possession of the most terrible and the most daily player in the world of the future. So as know Johnny can marry, but not known how? He went into the city to stop the world's worst villain!


  • Logan Paul - Johnny Bravo
  • Jake Paul - Carl
  • Will Ferrel - Break
  • TBA - Little Suzy
  • Jack McBrayer - Bazar
  • TBA - Bunny Bravo
  • TBA - TBA
  • TBA - TBA
  • TBA - TBA

& Others

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