Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood is the name of both an 11-minute short and an hour-long special made to air in India. Both the short and the special share similar plot points and characters, but are very different.

The short and subsequent special were made to capitalize on the series' cult popularity in India, where Reruns of Johnny Bravo still air regularly. The character has become something of a beloved pop culture icon in the country, embodying the over-the-top, parodic nature of Indian cinema. The special serves as both a parody of Indian and American popular culture, as well as a loving tribute to India and Johnny Bravo.

The Short

In the original short, Johnny apparently now lives in India, and is enjoying a quiet evening at home when he sees an advertisement for a special hair creme created by a larger than life Bollywood celebrity named Jiggy. Jiggy is similar to Johnny, but appears to be more popular with the ladies.

Johnny orders Jiggy's special hair creme, and instantly finds that all the beautiful women in town adore him, as well as the elderly woman, the men and even the animals. Overwhelmed, Johnny runs away in terror and meets two young girls about Suzy's age Pinky and Shinky. The two girls are the only ones immune to the magic hair gel, and Johnny begs them to help him.

After a short montage of Johnny and the girls traveling all over the world trying different, progressively more absurd cures (including seeking the help of a witch doctor) Pinky and Shinky come to the conclusion that the only one who can cure Johnny's affliction is Jiggy himself. The girls take Johnny to Jiggy, who cures Johnny with a musical number. The girls realize the cure has worked when Johnny attempts to woo a girl on the street and is immediately knocked to the ground, showing that everything has returned to normal.

The Special

The Special, made a year later, had a higher budget, a bigger staff and had the series' original creator at the helm writing and directing the film. Unlike the short, which can only be found in Indian language, the special was dubbed into English and featured several of the original voice actors.

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