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Little Suzy

Voiced by

Mae Whitman


The little quietest girl

First Appearance


Little Suzy (or simply known as just "Suzy") is a cute, intellegent and beautiful little red-haired girl from the neighborhood (often called "Little Neighbor girl" by Johnny), who is very cunning and talkative.


Suzy is a little girl with red hair and a green hair band. She has a yellow shirt and green suspenders.


Suzy has always being a very nice, bright and mature girl who is usually more smarmy than Johnny Bravo. She is a high-spirited nice fun girl who is always happy and excited and seeing the bright sides of things and she is usually never mad or sad.

Episode Appearances


  • In many episodes, Suzy is shown to have a major crush on Johnny (although the feeling is not mutual).
  • Her parents were never shown, but she is often shown to be related to big time celebrities. For example, it was revealed in an episode during her birthday that Farrah Fawcett is her cousin. She also has a crush on an 8-year-old country music singer Lonnie Dash.
  • In the early series, Suzy was more of a cute-type character with a round head, while in the retooled series, she is thin-looking and more grown up.
  • Suzy has many interests (such as selling lemonade and participating in the Buttercup Scouts) and has proven to be very successful in most of those interests.
  • It is very obvious that Johnny finds Suzy annoying as he won't even go to her birthday parties or school dances.
  • She is believed to be 3 years old because after she calls Johnny, he tells her to call her back in 15 years when she's a coed. In later episodes she is said to be either 7 or 8 (I used to be funny).

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