Monique cracks her knuckles, ready to beat up Johnny.

Monique is a French girl who arrives with her aunt to the place where Johnny and Suzy land after falling from an airplane.


Monique is a beautiful French woman with a short-stye cut light blonde hair that covers her right eye.  She has large red lips and wears a red and white dress that pronounces her voluptuous figure.  She also has long legs and wears high-heels to complement them.


Monique is a kind woman who offers to provide a ride to Johnny and Suzy on their journey to the North Pole. However, when Johnny tries to hit on her, Monique quickly changes her personality and beats him up, showing that she hates arrogant men.

Skills and Abilities

Superhuman Strength: Monique's most scary and noticeable aspect is her strength.  She is shown to be strong enough to grab Johnny by his hair and lift him and twirl him around with just her right arm.  Given that Johnny weighs around 200 lbs, Monique is shown to be monstrously strong.  Subsequently, she mercilessly beats up Johnny and sends him flying into the air with a jaw-breaking uppercut.  How Monique acquired her monstrous strength is unknown; but as Johnny painfully learns, he should show Monique proper respect.

Twirl-a-Whirl: Monique grabs the person by his/her hair and uses her strength to twirl them in a circle in the air and slamming them on the ground multiple times.

Uppercut: Monique has a devastatingly powerful uppercut that sends her opponents flying into the air, leaving them with broken bones and a disfigured body when he/she lands.  She used this technique to finish off Johnny as she was beating him to a pulp.

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