The Clueless Kid is the 19c episode of season 2 of Johnny Bravo


When Master Hamma 's rival came and told him he set up his own dojo on right in the corner (the one that Hamma wanted by the city wouldn't grant him the zoning) Hamma claim that the worst of his students could beat the best of his rival's. So Panting Claw accept Hamma's offer and chose Johnny and Hamma had one week to train Johnny to beat Panting's best student. However after Johnny defeated Panting's best student Hamma revealed that he actually took out a second mortgage and bet against Johnny, hoping he lost but instead Hamma lost and payed the money to panting claw and Johnny was punish by wearing an apron and to clean the dojo himself.


  • the title is a parody of "The Karate Kid".
  • During Panting Claw's explanation of the deal, he attack Johnny which shows.
    • kicking him in the face with opened toed sandals.
    • punching his stomach with his fist
    • step on his foot with a boot
    • poking him in the eyes with his hand
    • slapping him with his hand
    • having a mysterious mouth biting his leg
    • Squirt water in his face
    • kick him with opened toed sandals
    • other hand hit him with a crowbar

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