I cant be seen without my glasses! ...But these'll do

Dexter And Velma-Cartoon Network Promo 200200:55

Dexter And Velma-Cartoon Network Promo 2002

He was too young for her anyway...

Eversince the crossover episode between Scooby-Doo and Johnny Bravo in the 90's, Cartoon Network has paired off Johnny and Velma Dinkely. Although oddly enough in the episode they met Johnny's affections were directed towards Daphine Blake, Velma's friend. Velma was the one vying for Johnny's attention only to get over him at the end of the episode. Never the less, CN have supported the pairing loyaly.
CNX Johnny Bravo Johnny & Velma01:01

CNX Johnny Bravo Johnny & Velma

You're right Johnny, you ARE a low down good looking pig with no respect for women

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